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Evertaster - Adam Glendon Sidwell I won't even try to lie, when I first saw this book I was almost positive I was not going to like it. I had opted to review it simply because it was not something I had read before and I simply love finding new things.
While I was so sure I would hate this story, the exact opposite became the reality. Evertaster is the most outside the box story I have ever read in my life. I found myself arching an eyebrow more than once at the ingredients I found in here.
I have to wonder about Guster's very unusual name when his entire family has normal names, but honestly, with how unique Guster is, the name is more than fitting.
I was telling my other half about the book and my six year old over heard and now she wants to go joggle cows for butter! Yes, yes that is how odd this story is!
I loved the character names, most of which will make you smile. This story has almost non stop humor, action, and advenure and is sure to please readers from infancy to a thousand!
I await The Delicious City and The Final Season most eagerly and give this book 5 of 5 paws.


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