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The Buttersmiths' Gold - Adam Glendon Sidwell As stated in the Forward, Reading Evertaster is not mandatory before reading this book. This book tells the tale of how the butter came to be. A very fitting companion to the trilogy if I do say so myself.
The story begins at some point after Felicity's helicopters come and whisk the Johnsonville's to complete their part of the creation of the One Recipe, which left Braxton, Torbjorn, and Storfjell knocked out on the viking long boat with the cows (who were still doing all the rowing).
The viking brothers tell Braxton that while everyone thinks vikings love blueberry muffins above all else that the best food in all of Midgard is the butter! With further prompting, Torbjorn begins to weave the tale of his clan's butter and why is it better than any other in all the world.
I found myself chuckling as I read of Torbojorn's first venture into the biggest village in Midgard. To viking style, there was most certainly a brawl that would more than likely become a legend.
There is so much actual Norse myth and legend woven into this story, it was a delight for me to read. I'm as huge fan of all things Midgard as anyone that knows me can attest lol.
I do hope the author will make other companion stories for the trilogy, like the how the eggs came to be, or Arreviderci's chocolates. I'd most definitely be interested in those stories too and I'm sure others would be as well.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws.


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