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Death Dealer - Ashley Robertson *I received this book from the Author via Lady Amber’s Tours in exchange for an honest review*

This is a novella, about paranormal beings known as Death Dealers, which for every sense of the word are death. A sect of beings who traded their mortal lives for personal reasons who now all serve under a boss who sends them to collect the souls of the dead and dying.
This book centers mainly around Mia with some additional centering around her partner Deacon.
I found the story an interesting one though found it far too short. It really left me wanting. I’m hoping the second book will fill in some of the blanks that this one failed to.
Don’t get me wrong, the story was well thought out, though the ending felt forced and hurried. I think perhaps the author should put a little more effort into the ending of this piece and others in this particular series.
I found a couple of errors but nothing drastic, the only problem I really had with the story was how it seemed the author was in a rush to complete it.
I liked the story itself, and will read the next in the series as well as other books the author has written, but I would consider maybe looking over the book and seeing if there is a way to complete the ending without it having that hurried, forced feeling.
In all honesty if the ending of this book didn’t seem to be rushed or forced, I would have given it a higher rating.
I give this book 3 of 5

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