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Enslaved in Shadows (Shadow Unit, #1) - Tigris Eden

This book is a great romantic/erotic paranormal thriller. The storyline, while not new, is told in an interesting way with surprising twists and turns that will keep the reader hooked. The story follows Jesminda and Draven, two people as different as night and day. Tigris effortlessly has the story bounce between the pov's of Jes and Draven. There's no confusion as to who's scene is being read. The story ends on a mild cliffhanger, that leads flawlessly into the sequel.
There are a number of errors in this book though. I would suggest Tigris sit down with whoever did the editing and the two go over the book. The errors, while quite noticeable, will not hinder the reader too much since they consist of the correct sounding word, just in the wrong one for the sentence (ex. we're instead of were). A few errors are words missing a letter (her instead of here). Most errors are found in the scenes of high tension (sex scenes, fight scenes etc). Even with the errors, the story still flows very well which is a testament to Tigris' writing abilities. Tigris is obviously a natural born writer and even with errors, the story will grasp the reader.
I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who loves their paranormal romance with a lot of spice, and some action. I look forward to reading Burned in Shadows since I must know what happens next.
Because of the amount of errors in the work, I'm unable to give this book the rating it deserves.
With a heavy heart, I give this book 3 of 5 paws