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Knotted Roots - Ruthi Kight Roxie comes off as your typical spoiled rich kid. Her life revolves around her social standing, so it comes as no surprise the injustice she feels when certain events happen that threaten her very way of life, as well as the circle of friends she has. When she is forced to leave her posh New York life style to spend three months in Soth Carolina with her Grandmother, Roxie feels as though her entire life is ending. She shares her fear of returning a social pariah with her best friend Amber who promises to help try to help sway her parents to let her go where her friends will be for the summer instead, that's when everything falls apart.
As the story progresses the reader will note certain things Roxie does that will make you question, they make her question as well. The reader will find them self wanting more than anything to slap the snob and stupid out this girl one more then just a handful of occasions. There will be definite tears on more than one occasion.
There were a few minor spelling errors nothing at all drastic. They were more than likely missed due to the timelines writers and Beta Teams are under to get things done in. They will not halt the understanding of the sentence nor slow the reader down at all.
A small story hang up I found myself pondering more than once was the absolute vanishment of Amber after the last call. I do not believe that however stuck up and self absorbed a person is, someone who calls someone their best friend for x amount of years does not just suddenly stop after one disagreement. Then again, perhaps they can. There is not enough information on Amber to know why she didn't pursue her best friend, but the reader will know without a doubt why Roxie didn't.
All in all, this story is a great coming of age tale. I do hope Ruthi will write a sequel (even if Airicka has to help with the title again lol) so we can see how Roxie and the others in Perry Point at doing. These characters are unforgettable, and while the people in this story are fictional, like any other amazingly written work, they leave a very real impression on the reader. There are plenty of lessons to be learned within these 189 pages and they are ones every human being should learn.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws


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