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Onyx: A YA SciFi Retelling of Othello - Alicia Michaels

​***I was given a kindle copy in exchange for an Honest Review***
Onyx is a futuristic retelling of Othello. And it definitely doesn't disappoint in capturing the cruelty of racism, whether it be color, race, or specie.

This is perhaps the saddest love story I've ever read. The emotion Alicia put into writing this is evident as you follow Onyx and Dia's story. I wish this was longer, though in many ways, it didn't need to be. The story gets it point across beautifully and at Alicia's known fast-pace. 

There were three noticeable errors that I spotted in the work, but they shouldn't hitch the reader for more than a second and none of them take anything away from the flow of the story.

If you've read Othello or watched any of the movies based on it, you know this story isn't a happy one... Onyx follows that same line. It would be smart to have some tissues on hand while reading this.

Alicia, you did an amazing job on this retelling and this definitely one I would read and reread over and over again.