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Tainted Hearts - Some Random Guy, Wolf Paw Publications, Kristen Hoffman

*Since I did the editing on this work, I cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found*

Tainted Hearts follows a Dom who left the lifestyle some time ago and has lived pretty much as a recluse since then, using alcohol as the reason for it.

This book is not short on lifestyle scenes, as our main character tries to teach a couple of his neighbors about being subs when they come to him, asking to be taught.

While the storyline is good, I feel it could have been expanded on. The scenes the book circle around could have been done in far more detail than they were. There are sex scenes, but they fall a bit short of the expectations of most who enjoy this genre of books.

I think those who follow the lifestyle will appreciate the time and effort put into detailing the Dom/Sub and Master/Slave relationship, painting it a better light than most other books which seem to show more punishment than reward.

Aside from the lack in the detail for the scenes, the storyline is enjoyable and should be found to be pleasing for readers.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws