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Dying To Live & Fighting To Live - Double Edition - C.M. Wright

*Because I did the Re-editing of this book, I cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found*

I absolutely love this series! It's like a The Walking Dead meets Zombieland. It's a dark and serious as any zombie horror movie is, but at the same time, the main character's narration lightens up the mood enough so the reader isn't overwhelmed by all the serious things going on.

Like most zombie stories, there's no mention, thus far, on how the outbreak started. In fact, our main character, Canada, and her family were watching the nightly news when they found out. Canada grabs her trusty pink hammer and gets to work with her husband, Will, to fortify the house. (I'm almost sad that that scene is the only mention of the infamous pink hammer)

Naturally, the family has seen enough movies and television shows, and played enough video games, concerning zombies to know they can't stay in their home. So they race against the shuffle of dragging feet and the eerie moans of the undead to get to their relatives.

Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger, forcing the reader to turn the page to see what happens next. There's more than enough action going on to keep even the most hardcore zombie fan interested, and Canada is just snarky enough to keep those with a fainter heart entertained.

All in all, Dying to Live & Fighting to Live are must haves for any zombie collection and is sure to entertain and amuse zombie lovers as young as 16 (there's some swearing sporadically in the book due to the stress of those situations so I wouldn't recommend it for readers under the age of 16)

I look forward to reading Learning to Live, book 3 in the Zombie Overload series.

I give this double edition 5 of 5 paws