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Evolution: House of Theoden: Episode Five Season Finale of Season Two (The New Haven Series Book 11) - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan

Evolution is just that. With Dante in Theoden's hands, Theoden intends on creating the ultimate weapon of the supe world. Dante, however, is even less thrilled about being embraced than Noel had been. With Dante, Theoden and his house's obligation to their king, Ara, is complete.

The season two finale holds nothing back. There's more sex, action, and twists in this episode in then in any other episode in this season. The truth about Dante and his capture is brought to light in the climax of this episode and while it's not really all that surprising, it's still worth the read since its the reader's first true glimpse into the wolf pack's den.

As always, Nicholas Bella pulls the reader into his dark, twisted, and very demented world, and doesn't let go; not that we want him to. The storyline flows beautifully and captures the reader from beginning to end.

I would still recommend this book to lovers of the BDSM lifestyle, and lovers of paranormal erotica in general.

There's no hardcore cliffhanger at the end of this season, but it without a doubt paves the way beautifully for Season Three, Prince of the City, whose first episode is Branded. (I'm pretty sure that's the way it goes lol I haven't gotten confirmation on the season title yet lol)

I look forward to reading Season Three.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws