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Teamwork - A.R. Von

There's a definite change the writing style between this book and Reunion. With the books being published 15 months apart, the reader can really see how Ms. Von has grown into her current style of writing.

Teamwork picks up with Wunder, Tank, and Pete on the hunt for 776; an infected unlike any they have dealt with before. The reason R.I.P made the trio the first 3-man team in R.I.P. history is obvious with this new hunt, though I was a bit surprised they'd chosen 776 to be the trio's first mission together.

There's less sex and more action in this fourth book to the series. Not that the reader will be left wanting. 776 is a major issue for R.I.P and the story mainly focuses on it and the problems it's causing. Don't worry, there's still steamy semi-zombie sex scenes, just not as much as when the series first started.

Again, because this is a gifted copy, I must bring up the errors. There's quite a few in here. While they shouldn't affect the reader's speed or focus, they are noticeable and should be looked into at the earliest convenience.

Despite the errors, this book offers everything the zombie lovers crave, action, suspense, and romance and I'm definitely looking forward to see what happens next.

Teamwork DOES end with a cliffhanger, but fans of the series should be used to this already.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws.