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Cowboy Up 2 - Allison Merritt, Leslie Garcia, Melissa Keir, Autumn Piper, Sara Walter Ellwood, D'Ann Lindun

*Good Ride, Cowboy by Allison Merritt*
This is a sweet story of Sommer, a girl who seems to just have the worst luck imaginable; and Perry, a bull rider who turns out to be her knight in a shiny pick-up. The storyline is simple and believable, and despite it's semi-slowness it still keeps readers enthralled and turning the pages. I would gladly read and recommend other works by this author.

*Cowboy In Waiting by Leslie P. Garcia*
I really liked this story. The troubled border patrol officer, the widowed military wife... it was sweet with a very real life feel. The story flows nicely, though I think I'd have liked to see Ray on Josie and maybe busting his butt like he thought he'd do! I think any reader that's a fan of second chances at love and learning to move on will enjoy this story.

*The Heartbroken Cowboy by Melissa Keir*
This story touches on the very real issue of Alcoholism. Our cowboy was hurt to the point that only alcohol eased the pain, our heroine has a secret concerning herself and the all mighty bottle. This story is maybe more realistically written than the others because it covers the fears and the doubts and the hardships that recovering alcoholics go through on a daily basis. I truly appreciate the debt in this story and other readers will as well.

*Cowboy in Trouble by Autumn Piper*
Another sweet cowboy love story, this one may leave the reader a bit wanting. With how it begins, the reader expects there to be action, maybe some danger, but it falls flat in this department; leaving the reader instead with the story of a cowboy needing a place to hide out and a soon to be divorcee who realizes she needs help around her farm more than she'd have liked to admit. Aside from the lack of action and danger, the story is sweet and shows how quickly love can bloom between kindred spirits.

*A Cowboy's Heaven by Sara Walter Ellwood*
A widow rancher, and widower doctor discover their second chance at love. The ending of this one choked me up a bit. I won't even lie. The story was beautifully written; but the ending, while expected, was still enough to bring tears to my eyes. The author definitely has a way with words and the reader won't be disappointed.

*Cowboy Proud by D'Ann Lindun*
I really must admit, this is probably my favorite story of the entire anthology. A woman who selfishly leaves her newborn son and his father to pursue her dreams. A father who selfishly won't compromised with the mother of his child. This one is definitely a tearjerker, it would be wise for the reader to have some tissues at hand.

The anthology as a whole is definitely not what expected. Each of these six authors has brought something new and refreshing to the table, and I can almost guarantee that even readers who aren't fans of cowboys will enjoy each and every one of these stories.

I wish I had gotten to known the stories in the first Cowboy Up anthology, I bet they're just as good as these.

I give Cowboy Up 2 5 of 5 paws