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Stronger - Becki Brannen

Stronger follows Haley Cross... a survivor of domestic violence. I say survivor, because we who have suffered through the abuse of domestic violence really dislike being called "victims". We are NOT victims, we are survivors if we live through it.

This story is not for the weak of heart, however, I would recommend anyone currently in or a survivor of an abusive relationship to read this book. Domestic Violence has a pattern, one that is seen no matter who's story it is, or where it comes from. The belittling, the alienation from the outside world, the physical abuse, eventually death if the "victim" doesn't find an out. There's an order to domestic violence, and this book follows it flawlessly.

I didn't find any errors in the work, and the storyline flows seamlessly between the present and past events. The reader will find no confusion or holes within the work and even at a slow pace, it should only take a few hours to read it from beginning to end.

Being a survivor myself, I really wish I'd had the strength and the guts to do what she did. She got fed up and she found a way to fight back. Not of us have that strength, though perhaps this book will give those of us still hiding in fear and shame the knowledge that we are not alone and we don't have to live that way.

I have to wonder if Ms. Brannen is a survivor too. This story hits so close to home I can't make myself believe it's drawn entirely off the imagination of someone who has never been in the situation themself.

This is the first work by this author I've read, and it's good enough to make me want to read more by her.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws