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Blood Dance - A.R. Von, Leanore Elliott, Josh Thornbrugh

***Since my copy of this book is an ARC, I cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found***

This story is told from Sean's PoV. He loathes Valentine's Day and all it stands for, so when his best friend convinces him to go to this "awesome" haunted Valentine's thing, he's a bit iffy... And he has good reason to be! The story is fast-paced and will make the reader giggle. While it's a horror, the reader won't be able to help but snicker at the thoughts that run through poor Sean's head as he tries to escape from the house of horrors.

The characters are pretty average, Sean could be any single computer nerd who obsesses over porn, and Stacey could be any average girl who wants to fit in. Valentine, on the other hand, is a demon... One the author created and ran with in many twisted and sadistic ways. I guess Valentine could be compared to like the "mother" of all Incubi and Succubi, even though Valentine has no known gender, Valentine can be anything it wants... and it lives off sex much like the sex demons.

The story is interesting, it's definitely a fun read for those who aren't fond of the holiday, call it the Anti-Valentine's Day person's prayers answered. There's tons of blood and gore, and of course sex. As a quick read it shouldn't take more than an hour if even that long.

I recommend anyone who likes their horror with a bit a comedy to read Blood Dance, it's sure to please.

I give this book 4 of 5 paws.