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Seduced by Power: A New Adult Paranormal Romance of Shifters & Witches (Rose's Trilogy, #3) (The Seduced Saga) - Karpov Kinrade

***Since my copy is an ARC, I cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found***

Seduced by Power picks up where Seduced by Pain leaves off. The joy and laughter from book 2 are definitely lacking in book 3. The story has taken a dark turn and other emotions are invoked big time as we draw to the climax of this part of Rose's story. The strength and power of Derek and Rose's love is prevalent in this book, and we learn so much more about Blake as this part of the story comes to a close.

This one absolutely will make the reader reach for a tissue more than once. There's a few twists that come out of nowhere, some are a bit predictable, others not so much. While there is a nice ending, there's still that nice sunny ledge for the reader to sun themself on while waiting to read the next book >~.^<

I can't wait to jump into book 4, Seduced by Lies to see what happens next!

I give this book 5 of 5 paws