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Seduced by Innocence - Karpov Kinrade

Seduced by innocence is pretty much a paranormal Romeo & Juliet. Rose's family, a coven of witches, is at war with Derek's, a family of shape-shifting druids. Just like Romeo & Juliet, Rose and Derek's love sprouted from their only hate.

I'm not sure if the copy of this I was given is an edited ARC since the book is already released. If it isn't, I'd suggest the author have their current editor go over the work, there's an entire chapter with small errors that while most may miss... I did not.

This book is amazing. The characters are very developed, and the storyline, thus far, has no holes that I was able to find. The story, being told from Rose and Derek's, and occasionally Blake's, point of views, leaves the reader as much in the dark about events as it does the character who's telling the part. There's a lot of emotion of all kinds almost charging the pages of this book, and the way it's told will leave the reader a bit disoriented when it finishes, since their senses will return to the now as they leave the story behind.

This book is NOT for those who dislike cliffhanger endings, this book ends with a cliffhanger that leads the reader into book 2, Seduced by Pain. I am anxious to read book 2.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws