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The Princess Bride - William Goldman

I'm almost a bit ashamed to admit that this is my first time reading this book. No, I haven't watched the movie either, even though I do own it. Being that I was new, the first 10% of my kindle copy kind of threw me off track since well it was about the author and about the book, but wasn't the story. I do find the tale woven into the beginning to be an interesting one. Not the excitement you'd expect, then again I don't suppose it was supposed to be. It was pretty funny though.

As to the actual story, It was kind of typical. I think the most interesting parts of the entire story were the cut-ins from the author in all honestly. I haven't figured out how they made this into a movie unless they made some drastic changes to improve it. The book itself leaves so many pieces unattended to it makes it a bit hard to follow. Some of the chapters are dreadfully long and don't explain anything in between the paragraphs of actual story (the parts that aren't the author cut-ins). It's rare that a story bored me and this one did terribly.

It's not often that I come across a book that disappoints me, especially when for years I've heard nothing about how amazing this book is. I found Buttercup to be a bit an airhead that no one should have wasted their time on, the Prince was your typical villain as was his count. The most colorful character was Inigo. As to Westly, after the pirate incident he's not even remotely close to being the same character and while he did what every hero in every book does, it was flat. It felt like he was more obligated to it then for any actual love he had for Buttercup.

All in all, I'm honestly praying the movie (which I've withheld from watching until I read the book) is better than the book, but given how the movies are almost never as good as the book, I don't hold my breath.

I give this book 2 of 5 paws.