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Court of Nightfall - Karpov Kinrade

***I received this ARC from the author(s) in exchange for an honest review***

Since my copy is an Advance Reader Copy, I cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found.

This is the second book by Karpov Kinrade I've gotten the chance to read and it's a completely different genre than the first one I read LOL What I like the most about this author team is that they are versitile, they won't hear of being tied to one specific genre and thus their fan base stretches into several.

Court of Nightfall follows Scarlett Night, who in the spam of roughly a week has her entire life turned upside down. This book starts off catching the reader's interest and doesn't stop until it's over. I'd chosen this book for my reading challenge "a book you can read in a day" for this reason alone. Dmytry Karpov and Kimberly Kinrade have that amazing ability to enthrall readers from the very first sentence and it's rare that they ever let go.

The only thing in this book that irked me a bit was Scarlett's ability, it's almost like a minic of The Force in how it's triggered, but even that wasn't enough to turn me away from the story. There's definitely feelings of sorrow and anger that the reader will feel along with Scarlett.

The story is your typical good vs evil tale, though right now in the start of this series, it's a bit difficult to tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are; which in my opinion makes it that much more interesting. I like the whole aspect of not knowing which characters to trust, it lends a bit more realism to the tale being told.

I look forward to reading House of Ravens, book 2 in The Nightfall Chronicles.

I give this book 5 of 5 paws