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Eighty Widows Later - R F Whittaker

This story follows Robin Robinson, a man-whore in every sense of the word who uses door-to-door cosmetic selling as his front.

This story needs work. There's several places with wrong words, missing words, and missing commas and apostrophes. There are always several spots where it's very repetitive. Within three paragraphs the narration says the same exact thing (though there are one or two slight modifications done to the repeated lines). This story needs an editor badly.There's also at least inconsistency as to the starting location of Anthony.

The story itself is rather dull. There's no real point to it at all, and by the end I was a bit disgusted with the main character.

I don't think I'd recommend this book to anyone even if the editing was corrected.

I give this book 1 of 5 paws