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The Daughter of Fate - Jessica Albee

***I did the newest round of editing on this work and thus cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found***

This story follows Mackenzie Blake and Gabriel Vella. Mackenzie, a girl raised by her grandparents after her parents are killed, is being hunted by Gabriel. Gabriel, a priest, tasked with the job of ridding the world of Mackenzie, by the Holy Trinity, finds that carrying out this task, one that would guarantee him entrance into Heaven, is a lot harder than he'd have thought.

God isn't the only one that wants Mackenzie dead, Gabriel learns this the hard way as mythological creatures start attacking them from every corner.

I really loved this book. I did the first round edits back in 2013 and did the 3rd and final edits which are the new revisions to the uploaded book. The story never gets old, and I never get tired of reading it.

While the story is fast-paced and jumps through nearly a decade of time in so few pages, it doesn't leave the reader confused. The story flows continuously, and the characters are nicely developed.

I think many of us would like Michael's full story, as that seems to be the only mildly confusing element to the story. Once his story is told the questions he leaves wide open in this book will be answered.

The only other aspect of this story I think could use expanding on.. is the professor mentioned in chapter 2. He's only mentioned the one time, but there is relevance in the fact that he's not only gifted like Mackenzie, but has her last name. While this won't bother most readers, it will annoy some since it seems like a hole in the story. I would suggest reintroducing this character into a future book and perhaps expanding on him so we can find out why he has the same last name as Mackenzie.

I do know Jessica is working on book 2 of this series and I personally can't wait to read it.

I give this book 5 of 5 stars.